Legal Notice and General Conditions of Use

1. Introduction

These general conditions of use of the website, regulate the terms and conditions of access and use of, property of Consultoría y Estudios Integrales Ltda. RUT: 76.314.354-6, Business Advice operations, of Avda. Nueva Providencia Nº 1363 Of. 1102. Providencia, Santiago, Chile, legally represented by Katherine Dávila Castillo, RUT 12.281.779-2, at the same address under the trade name GEOCONSULTING, hereinafter, the Company, which the user of the Portal must read and accept to use all the services and information provided from the portal. The mere access and/or use of the portal, of all or part of its contents and/or services means full acceptance of these general conditions of use.

2. Conditions of use

These general conditions of use of the portal regulate access and use of the portal, including the contents and services made available to users on and/or through the portal, either by the portal, or by its users, or by third parties. However, access and use of certain content and/or services may be subject to certain specific conditions, especially the use and usufruct of the works that are incorporated into this platform and that, because they are protected, are closed to third parties

3. Modifications

The Company reserves the right to modify the general conditions of use of the portal at any time. In any case, it is recommended that you periodically consult these terms of use of the portal, as they can be modified.

4. User Obligations

The user must respect at all times the terms and conditions established in these general conditions of use of the portal. The user expressly states that he will use the portal diligently and assuming any responsibility that may arise from non-compliance with the rules.
Likewise, the user may not use the portal to transmit, store, disclose, promote or distribute data or content that bears viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or impair the operation of any program or computer or telecommunications equipment.

5. Responsibility of the portal

The user knows and accepts that the portal does not grant any guarantee of any nature, either express or implicit, about the data, content, information and services that are incorporated and offered by the Portal.
Except for the cases where the Law expressly imposes the contrary, and exclusively to the measure and extent to which it imposes it, the Portal does not guarantee or assume any responsibility regarding the possible damages caused by the use and use of the information, data and Portal services.
In every case, the Portal excludes any liability for damages that may be due to the information and/or services provided or supplied by third parties other than the Company. All responsibility will be with the third party, whether supplier or collaborator.

6. Intellectual and industrial property

All content, trademarks, logos, drawings, documentation and files in any current or future format, computer programs or any other element subject to protection by intellectual or industrial property legislation, which are accessible on the portal, correspond exclusively to the company or their legitimate owners and all rights over them are expressly reserved. The creation of hypertext links (links) to any component of the Portal's web pages is expressly prohibited without the authorization of the company, provided that they are not to a web page of the Portal or its social networks, and that it does not require identification or authentication for access, or is restricted.
In any case, the portal reserves all rights to the content, information, data and services it has on them. The portal does not grant any license or authorization of use to the user on its contents, data or services, other than that expressly detailed in these general conditions of use of the portal.

7. Assignment of copyright

By virtue of the above conditions, the User (assignor) declares that they are the owner of the copyright of the work or creations that have been voluntarily incorporated or uploaded on this platform, declaring that they are the exclusive owner of all the proprietory rights over the content or that they have the pertinent authorizations for its use; and that they also have the rights or the pertinent authorizations for the use of quotes or fragments of other works included in them. The user also declares that there is no pending judgment, litigation or claim regarding their work(s), expressly releasing any subsequent liability to the Assignee for any legal, regulatory or contractual infringement that may be committed or may have been committed in relation to the publication, exhibition or distribution by any means of the work or works of their authorship incorporated into this platform.- By this act, the transferor assigns and transfers to the assignee, exclusively all the proprietory rights to the content. The present transfer is total, not being subject to any condition or limitation, nor form, neither geographical nor of any kind, in such a way that the assignee becomes the absolute and exclusive holder of the copyright on the content.- In this sense, the assignee acquires the rights to publish the works incorporated into this virtual platform through their edition, recording, radio or television broadcast, broadcast or re-broadcast by cable or the Internet, representation, performance, reading, recitation, exhibition and in general, any other means of communication to the public, currently known or that will become known in the future; the right to reproduce them by any procedure; the right to adapt them to another genre, or to use it in any other way that involves a variation, adaptation or transformation, including translation; synchronization in films, videograms and other audiovisual material; the right to perform the works publicly by broadcasting on the Internet, radio or television, phonograph records, cinematographic films, tapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, computer hard drives, or other material or electronic or digital media, suitable for use in sound and voice reproducing devices, with or without images, or by any other means or procedure and, in general, other proprietary rights recognized and protected by Chilean legislation, current or future, and by international treaties signed by Chile on intellectual property, current or future. This assignment especially includes the right and authorization to publish and disseminate the work incorporated into the virtual platform of Tierra de Gigantes, owned by Consultoría y Estudios Integrales Ltda. - On the merit of this, the assignee may proceed to make adaptations, arrangements and modifications it deems appropriate for the dissemination of the works in full or fragmented form. The works that are incorporated into this platform have the character of unpublished and unfinished and in this sense the proprietory rights of the transferor are transferred to the assignee, otherwise, the transferor is responsible for any loss or damage forcing remediation in accordance with the law.- In this sense, the assignee of the proprietary rights over the works incorporated in this platform has the exclusive power to authorize or prohibit the use of the works and to collect and receive all rights and other income that the use of the same works throughout the world, as expressed in this contract.-

8. Applicable law, competent jurisdiction and notifications

These conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with Chilean Law. All controversies, doubts or difficulties that occur between the parties for the fulfillment of this contract and that relate to the interpretation, application, compliance, efficacy, ineffectiveness or intelligence of this contract, will be resolved by the Ordinary Courts of Justice, of the community and city of Santiago, with both parties extending it express jurisdiction. The parties declare and guarantee to comply with the regulations applicable to law 20,393 dated December 2, 2009, which establishes the Criminal Responsibility of Legal Persons in the crimes of Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing, Bribery and Reception.
All notifications, requirements, requests and other communications that the User wishes to make to the Company that owns the Portal must be made in writing and it will be understood that they have been correctly made when they have been received at the following address (